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Mowlem House Captains

House Captains Election Results

After reading the impressive manifestos and watching the campaign video from all the candidates for Mowlem house captains, the voters have elected these children:

Emerald Green - Kurtrina and Shafin

Red Admiral - Zaynab and Mahfoozur

Yellow Swallowtail - Jabiyah and Fabian

Holly Blue - Nurjhat and Imran

Well done to all the candidates and good luck to the elected captains!

The Campaign Manifestos 

Emerald Green House Captains


“I would be a great House Captain because I am good at organising things. I am responsible and I am going to put things in place for children to do, also for the rest of the school. I have great debating skills and I fight for what I believe in. My goals are realistic and achievable.

If you elect me I promise to make PE more active. I will enhance a students life, allowing them to focus on each other’s aspects of their lives, not just in school. I will organise more clubs and activities and more fun competitions. I will do this by doing more fundraising like cake sales and much more.


“I would be a great House Captain because I am a good leader. I will make you way better at sport and you will have fun.

If you elect me I promise I will make you healthier and more active. You will become the best at sport and you will make the most of your ability.”


Red Admiral House Captains


“I would be a great House Captain because I am supportive and a good listener. I feel I am fair and clear and I have the spirit to be a House Captain. No matter what the circumstances, I will always be caring and respectful. With my great debating skills, my great sportsmanship and my competitive edge I can lead my team to Victory. I am good at sports, I have been to many clubs and I am a Sports Leader.

If you elect me I will provide more sports and activities for the school (e.g. dance, rugby, tennis and many others of your choice - if you vote for me!). To fund this I will fundraise by having more International Evenings, cultural festivals and art to do and sell. I promise that I will put students best interests at the heart.”


“I would be a great House Captain because I am a fair leader, can be trusted and am really responsible for things. I am also supportive, good at taking choices, creative, collaborative. I know I have collaboration and some creativity in me as I have earned some butterfly badges that show I have these skills. So with all my courage I say please elect me as House Captain.

If you elect me I promise that within all my power I will make Red Admiral the best team and make everyone have fun and remember it doesn’t matter about winning, it’s just about having fun and doing your best. I will support you and give you courage - mark my word. So vote for me to be a fit person who loves sport! Go Red Admiral!”


Yellow Swallowtail House Captains


“I would be a great House Captain because I am fair. I’m also supportive and caring and will let everyone join in. not only that, I’m thoughtful and good at planning how to win. A leader is someone like this, plus I can show children how things are done clearly. So I am like this fair, supporting, thoughtful and caring. I could make things easier for Yellow Swallowtail to win.

If you elect me I promise I will make more outdoor sessions in PE throughout the year. Furthermore I’ll make sure we have tournaments every two weeks. We also create a banner or plaque in the cage or hall to show the last winner. Can the other candidates do these things? If you don’t think so then vote for me!” 


“I would be a great House Captain because I’ll be a good leader to help you to achieve things. I reach new levels by giving more chances by making more sports tournaments. I’ll make people feel welcome and teach good communication.

If you elect me I promise I will help you, give you advice, make sure Years 1, 2, 3 can travel to tournaments and make more tournaments. I will nag for more sports equipment in school.”


Holly Blue House Captains


“I would be a great House Captain because I am really good at OE skills which is excellent because that will help me help people developing their skills in PE. I organise really well so I can help on Sports Day and House tournaments when they take place. I am a strong leader and am able to take charge of my colour and I will make Holly Blue rise in points.

If you elect me I promise I will be approachable for the children and adults who want to know latest information about Holly Blue. I will get Sarah and Joe to allow me to organise activities for playtimes so if you would like to challenge yourself in fun things at playtime there will be things for you. I know people like tournaments so there will be many more next year – I will organise them personally.”


“I would be a great House Captain because I am good at sport and I can teach others how to be good at it too. Another thing is I will let anyone play, even if they are not so good. In addition it is vital I am House Captain because I will be very good at organising.

If you elect me I promise that if we get any tournaments I will let anyone if you want to as long as you ask me. Another thing is that I will get good sports tournaments. In addition I will let you have a chance at what you want to play.”

Mowlem House Captains