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End of Year Prizegiving

Here are the children who were given their awards on Thursday 20th July 2017:


Sultan (Year 1)
Sultan has made a huge improvement over the course of the year. He has become more independent when writing and now shows great confidence in using his phonic knowledge.

Orla (Year 2)
She really enjoys writing long stories and has imaginative ideas that she includes in all her work.

Danyal (Year 3)
This award goes to Danyal for all of his hard work and persistence throughout the year in literacy. He has made fantastic progress in his reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. He has also impressed with his willingness to try new things and positive attitude to learning.

Tanzeela (Year 4)
She is a gifted writer. She uses sophisticated word choices and her writing is entertaining to read. I have really enjoyed reading the outcomes from her literacy lessons, well done!

Shahan (Year 5)
He consistently listens well in English, which allows him to apply all of the different techniques used in Year 5. His work is always immaculately presented and consistently performs well in spelling tests as well as demonstrating a passion for reading.

Yusuf (Year 6)
Yusuf has made exceptional progress in English this year. His thirst for learning coupled with his determination to succeed resulted in him gaining the highest possible scaled score for his reading during SATs. He has a real love for reading which is truly infectious and is always keen to impart his knowledge and understanding.


Charlie (Year 1)
Charlie has had a very successful year in all areas of the curriculum but particularly in Maths. He is able to grasp concepts quickly and apply them in a variety of contexts and he enjoys a challenge.

Omer (Year 2)
He has shown a huge improvement in his independent Maths and he applies all his strategies achieving fantastic outcomes.

Farhan (Year 3)
This award goes to Farhan for making excellent progress this year in Maths. He has impressed me with his mathematical thinking, especially his problem solving and reasoning skills and his regular contributions during lessons help move the learning forward.

Alisha (Year 4)
She makes a huge effort in Maths. She loves to challenge herself. She can talk through her learning and the strategies she has used when problem solving.

Riyad (Year 5)
He has made a huge effort to finish all the work put in front of him in Maths. He has made large strides in this subject and this is down to a large improvement in his listening skills.

Rufshana (Year 6)
Rufshana has made remarkable progress in Maths this year. Her perseverance and positive approach to her learning has lead her not only to exceed the end of year expectations but boost her self-belief and confidence. She has worked exceptionally hard at grasping abstract concepts and always sets a high expectation for herself with is truly admirable.


Honey (Year 1)
Honey is always kind and considerate to everyone. Honey has become more confident at making contributions to class discussions and she can work well both independently and in a group.

Nashita (Year 2)
Always sets a great example to other children, tries her best in all her work and has made great progress across the curriculum.

Sumaiya (Year 3)
This award goes to Sumaiya for her kind and helpful attitude. Her behavior sets a great example to the other children in the class and she can be relied upon to do various tasks throughout the day due to her sensible attitude.

Zubayr (Year 4)
Zubayr is a great member of the class. He is mature, helpful and the voice of reason when needed. I have loved watching him become the leader to help others with their learning tasks.

Zaynab (Year 5)
She is a friend to everyone in the class. She works exceptionally well in a group often offering guidance and creative ideas. She is truly a role model to the rest of the class.

Faaizah (Year 6)
Faaizah is an excellent example of a good citizen. She is tolerant and respectful of others and takes a great deal of responsibility in helping the school community. She actively engages in School Council meetings and contributes valuable ideas. Faaizah is incredibly helpful and considerate and does not hesitate to help and support others.


Aaeesha (Year 1)
Aaeesha has worked incredibly hard this year and this is evident in the quality of her work. She always puts 100% effort into all of her work and she has steadily become more and more independent.

Ismail (Year 2)
For showing an amazing improvement in his independent skills across the curriculum which is reflected in all his work.

Isshaq (Year 3)
This award goes to Isshaq for trying so hard throughout the year in his learning. He has made some really good progress this year, particularly in Maths and demonstrates a good understanding of some key concepts and can apply these independently.

Samiya (Year 4)
She has worked so hard this year. She didn’t give up when things got tricky. She has shown resilience (especially in Maths) and determination across the curriculum. The progress she has made is down to her hard work and excellent attitude to her learning.  

Mohshin (Year 5)
He has made tremendous strides in every area of the curriculum from Maths to judo. He has worked hard to learn his times tables as well as writing extremely interesting and engaging pieces of writing.

Taswar (Year 6)
Taswar has made excellent improvements with his learning behaviours. He has developed a positive attitude towards is learning which has contributed significantly to the excellent progress he has made this year.


Yahya (Year 1)
Yahya has made excellent progress in showing good listening skills particularly during carpet sessions and has started to make lots of positive choices regarding his behaviour.

Isa (Year 2)
Has shown a huge improvement over the year. He has engaged with his timetable and reward systems and is a polite, responsible and caring child. Well done!

Hassan (Year 3)
This award goes to Hassan for improving his behaviour and for becoming a role model to other children in the class. He has made great progress throughout the year with his listening skills. His good manners have often impressed me as has his kind and caring attitude to other children in the class.

Daniyal (Year 4)
He has made a huge effort to make the right choices in Year 4. He is polite, respectful and a role model to others.

Sumaia (Year 5)
She consistently shows impeccable behaviour at all times. She is quick to offer input and helps prompt people to do the right thing. It has been a pleasure to have Sumaia in my class.

Zakir (Year 6)
Zakir sets an excellent example of good behaviour and shows resilience during every lesson. He consistently demonstrates the School Values and encourages others to demonstrate them too.