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Governor Visits, Monitoring and Training 2017 - 2018

Spring 2017 - Sue Thomas - This term's 'Director's Report to Governors' meeting was focussed around the Government's changes to educational funding, the Tower Hamlets SEN review and progress towards changes in the delivery of education in the borough, 'The Partnership'.
The School Improvement Committee met on the 1st February and looked at a number of ways Julia and the staff are adding improvements to the learning and teaching that is happening in the school and the assessments of progress towards the school development plan.

- Alyssa Brathwaite - I am the link governor for art and the curriculum. I attended an art class during which years one to six were learning about the work of artist Paul Klee and producing portraits in his style. The children were clearly engaged, enthusiastic and eager to participate. I also received a school tour from three members of the School Council in Year five. The children took pride in showing me around their school, including the large number of educational displays and artwork on the walls that had been produced by the different year groups. The work on display showed the high level of innovation and creativity employed by the teachers in order to ensure that learning is made both interesting and enjoyable for the children.

Governor Visits, Monitoring and Training 2015 - 2016

November 25th 2016 -  Alfie Afsar Ali & Oliver Watson - Summary of Health & Safety Walk .
We saw major improvements made throughout the outdoor space of the school, from the new Tarmac that has been laid to the cutting right down of overgrown hedges and overhanging tree branches making the space much more welcoming and open. Also large amounts of wood chippings have been laid down keeping the area free of weeds making an amazing surface for the children to explore. Generally the outdoor space is a well maintained area with minimal cosmetic repairs require.

Autumn 2016 - Sue Thomas - During the Autumn Term I have attended a Governor's Conference, the borough's Education Report to Governors and a special Safeguarding training. This has helped me to update my skills and knowledge but also remind me of the importance of this role and how much there is to learn.
At the school I have attended two Full Governors meetings and two meetings of the School Improvement Committee. As Governors we receive information from the Headteacher and other members of staff on what is happening in the school and data about the progress your children are making. We have been pleased that your children continue to have high achievements measured against national figures. We have complimented the school staff on their continued hard work and determination to set higher standards of success for the pupils. We also thank you as parents and carers for the support you give to the school and the encouragement you give to your children which is such an important part of their achievements.

July 2016 - Sam Williams - I visited Mowlem and was delighted to attend the Year 2 end of year assembly. It was a lovely visit and enabled me to see and hear the great work of all the staff and pupils over the last year. At the assembly I was touched to be asked to help give out awards to different children. The visit coincided with me having just completed cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End with two friends. After the assembly I spoke to the children about my ride and the various challenges I endured along the way. They all seemed fascinated and asked the most insightful and unexpected questions - which made for a really fun discussion!

7/16 - Sue Thomas and Di Roome went to the termly Vulnerable Children Panel, where the team of staff report on the progress of children who are having a range of difficulties. They share updates and decide how best to continue to support the children and their families.

13.7.16 - Di Roome visited the Nursery and Reception classes. She saw children learning on their own, with staff, in groups and as a whole class. They were reading, drawing, writing, running, climbing, talking and getting along together. The classrooms looked interesting and the children were proud of their work and keen to show her their books. She also met Shaghaygh to talk about what has been achieved in the Early Year this year and to hear her plans for next year.

15.7.16 - Di Roome is the link governor for NQTs (Newly Qualified Teachers) and met Tahmina and Sarah for the third time to talk about their first year in teaching. They have both passed their Induction and have had a good year. Both say they are glad they came to work at Mowlem.

15.7.16 - Di Roome attended the Annual Report morning where parents meet class teachers to talk about children’s learning. A few of you were kind enough to allow her to sit in on your session. She learned such a lot from you all. Teachers were pleased with children’s hard work and parents and children were positive about the year of learning at Mowlem.

7/16 - Di Roome went to see the Y6 leavers performance of Matilda. It was wonderful! Y6 were amazing and the rest of the school really enjoyed the show. Well done to everyone involved.

14.10.16 - As Safeguarding Link Governor, Di Roome met Declan, who is Mowlem’s Safeguarding Officer, to go through the Annual Safeguarding Report. They looked at the policies, training and procedures – what staff do if they suspect a child is suffering abuse. Everything was up-to-date and in order.

8.10.16 - Julia, Sue and Di Roome went to the Annual Governors Conference. It was really useful, with talks from Christine Gilbert, Cath Smith, Headteacher at Bow School, Cllr Rachael Saunders, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services. There were workshops on Assessment, Parental Engagement and Healthy Lives.

28.9.16 - Di Roome went with Sue Thomas to the Governors Meeting with the Director of Children’s Services, Debbie Jones. These happen once a term and are a useful way to catch-up with developments in the Local Authority. It’s also a good chance to meet governors from other schools. We heard about the great results from schools across Tower Hamlets, we talked about Ofsted and Safeguarding Children and Governors’ responsibilities.

15.4.16: Hasina Rahman, Alfie Afsar Ali and Di Roome

We attended the weekly Awards Assembly. Declan presented 'Work of the Week' from all the classes, including a great picture of a dinosaur with some writing from Reception, a piece on Empathy from Class 4, some fractions of shapes from Class 2 and some writing about the author Roald Dahl from Class 3. There was a good turnout of parents/carers and it was great to see the children celebrating the achievements of their own and other classes.

15.4.16: Hasina Rahman, Alfie Afsar Ali and Di Roome

We joined a Learning Walk led by Francisco Aparicio-Murga who teaches Class 3 and is also a governor. Our focus was 'Challenge for the More Able'. We visited each class and one of us spoke to children and looked at the books, one looked at what the adults were doing, one looked at the learning environment and the other looked at the physical environment.

It was really interesting to look together at the work going on across the school and we were delighted to see that behaviour in all classes was positive and focused on learning. Children and adults were proud of what they were doing and were keen to talk about it.

We saw plenty of examples of challenge for the more able, including consistently positive encouragement from all adults, extension tasks and differentiated lessons, where children were given work at their own level. We saw interesting and varied displays and good use being made of the space in classrooms and outside.

12.02.16: Brian Brown, Sue Thomas, Hasina Rahman

We all attended the ‘Work of the Week’ and ‘Behaviour Awards’ assembly. It was wonderful to see the achievements of so many children over the past week - both academic and in their behaviour.

We also said goodbye to Brian, who is leaving to take up a new role in a bank in Copenhagen next week. It was wonderful to celebrate his leadership of the school over the past 10 and a half years and to thank him for all he has contributed to the school during this time. Brian will continue to be involved with the Governance of the school as an Associate Governor.

19.01.16: Sue Thomas – Directors meeting with Governors

I attended the Directors meeting where we had updates on the Prevent agenda and on meeting the needs of children with emotional difficulties.

14.12.15 & 15.12.15: Di Roome, Vice Chair – attendance at Christmas shows

Thanks so much for inviting me to the EYFS/KS1 Christmas play - and what a play! Loved it. It was, as Julia said in her words at the end, amazing and wonderful to hear so many children speaking out - and singing - so clearly and confidently. I am only too aware of the work that went into preparing the performance. Please pass on thanks and congratulations to the team. You must be so proud of them - and yourself. I was also impressed by the way that the older children sat so quietly and supported the performers with their applause and engagement. The turnout of parents was excellent and they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

Brilliant performance from everyone in KS2. It was excellent - joyful, funny, touching and just so enjoyable. Jackie in the office put it well when she said it was better than the West End. How great for all of us to see how the children have developed their skills over their years at Mowlem. You should all be very proud. The parents certainly were and so, I can assure you, are the governors.

4.12.15: Rachel Virgo, Di Roome, Brian Brown – Governor Learning Walk

This morning I had my favourite morning as a governor in Mowlem Primary. I went into every class and looked at the learning environment, listened to the team of teachers and spoke to the children. My favourite part was of course talking to the children who were polite, interesting and articulate. High quality teaching was evident in each class and the learning that was happening or had recently taken place was evident on the walls and in books. Children said they felt supported and clearly enjoy learning. The lessons were well resourced and delivered in interesting and engaging ways. Well done to all the staff and pupils. (Rachel Virgo, Parent Governor).

December 2015: Brian Brown, Chair of Governors

I engaged Heather Winstanley from the School Governors One-Stop Shop (SGOSS) for support in recruiting additional governors to the Mowlem Governing Body.

25.11.15: Brian Brown, Chair of Governors

Oliver and I had a catch up session to discuss Governing Body priorities as well as ways to make the role of governors more effective across the school.

5.11.15: Di Roome, Vice Chair

I went to a meeting of governors called to discuss how the schools in Tower Hamlets are going to work together in the future. We discussed a proposal to form a Partnership of schools, supporting each other and organising the services that we need. There will be more information about this in the New Year.

4.11.15: Sue Thomas and Di Roome – Vulnerable Children Panel meeting

This is where the staff supporting children who are experiencing difficulties meet to review how things are going. They discuss what is in place for the children concerned and whether or not it is working. It is an impressive team who are doing great work to make sure every child has the best possible opportunity to do well at school.

21.10.15: Di Roome – EYFS Link Governor Visit

I visited the Nursery Class and saw the excellent work being done by Emma and her team. Emma was working on counting with a focus group and the other children were enjoying their learning - building, modelling with play dough, playing musical instruments, looking at books and sorting plastic animals. Everyone was very busy!

21.10.15: Di Roome - Vice Chair, visit to Parental Engagement meeting

I popped in to the new Parent Forum meeting and heard how some parents are going about setting up the Forum. Mary Narkuwah from the Tower Hamlets Parent Support Team was helping them to work out how they want to run the meetings.

21.10.15: Di Roome – EYFS Link Governor, meeting with Shaghaygh

I met Shaghaygh to talk about the new Baseline Assessment. This is a set of observations which staff do when children start in Reception and helps them to get to know how children are doing in all the different areas of learning.

21.10.15: Di Roome, Vice Chair – Induction review meeting

I met Sarah and Tahmina who are newly Qualified Teachers. Governors are keen to know how they are getting on and hear about the support they are getting. They were both very happy to be at Mowlem and were enjoying the challenge. They both talked about how supportive the whole staff team is and it was great to see how positive and enthusiastic they are.

20.10.15: Di Roome – Safeguarding Link Governor visit

As Safeguarding Governor, I met Tom who is in charge of Computing and ICT at Mowlem. He showed me how he keeps track of all the things in place to help children stay safe on the Internet and what is being done to keep parents informed.

15.10.15: Di Roome – Safeguarding Link Governor visit

I attended Internet Safety Training run by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Team. It was about keeping children and young people safe online and it was challenging and useful. They run sessions for parents and Julia is booking them to come to Mowlem.

10.10.15: Di Roome, Vice Chair – attendance at Governors Conference

I went, with other governors, to the Tower Hamlets Governors Conference at Bow School. The speakers were interesting and it was great to meet governors from other local schools and find out how things are done elsewhere.

8.10.15: Di Roome – Safeguarding Link Governor visit

As I am the Safeguarding Governor, I went to check the list of all the staff, to make sure that each one’s address, proof of identity, evidence of qualifications and Police checks have been recorded. I’m pleased to say the list was up-to-date and complete.

I met Declan and Lucy to complete the Annual Safeguarding Audit. This covers all the things the school does to keep everyone safe. It covers, among other things, policies, and documents from the Department for Education, staff training and a clear list of who does what. It was a useful meeting.

02.10.15: Brian Brown, Chair of Governors

Julia, and Di and I met to hold our quarterly meeting to discuss school strategy and upcoming agenda items for the next full governors meeting

30.09.15: Brian Brown, Chair of Governors

I met with Tom for a catch up session to discuss Governing Body priorities, as well as ways to make the role of the governors more effective across the school.

28.9.15: Di Roome, Vice Chair – inclusion group meeting

I met with Declan (Deputy Head), Rumina (Inclusion Manager) and Lucy (Senior Learning Mentor) to get an update on what the team at Mowlem do to support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). We also talked about what the school does to keep everyone safe.

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